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Slapped by A Monkey:

Who can Silence the Wind?

A new perfume, capable of controlling a man by scent, sound, and magic, caught a sadistic sage’s attention with aggressive plans for conquest. Lady Menaka’s aspires to remove man’s influence on the universe by restricting their time to write horoscopes for all worlds. She extinguishes the life of the scientist, steals the invention, and sets out to misdirect one man who can see past the immediate. She has been observing the actions of Hanuman Sotae, a member the Monkey Society, for years.

Lady Menaka is the aspara, the female spirit, who first ruled the Rooster Civilization in the Chinese Zodiac. On her world, filled with Angels, each Zodiac race reigns once every twelve years. The year before your civilization rules, a Financial Bishop is chosen—your hero. He, or she, will write the horoscopes for the galaxy. Earth is the primary consumer of their words of wisdom. Lady Menaka’s plan to silence the men from every Zodiac, starting with the Monkey Society. It commences with Hanuman Sotae.

Hanuman has been preparing for the contest to become his nations choice since youth. The young prince carved his own path to success. His wealth, his choice for advisors, were all his decisions. Hanuman wants to do more than write words of wisdom on the winds of planets. He has his sights on a higher plan. And to become a King or an Angel, Hanuman must tame the hearts of the people, convince races to support him, and outwit his enemies. Hanuman must match wits with Menaka, a woman who fears no challenge. While Hanuman is busy with the trials and the salacious woman named Shini, Menaka puts her plans in motion against him.

But Hanuman won’t give up—because, in a world filled with Angels and magic, anything can happen. If your plan is to fly to success, by climbing over Hanuman, you will be Slapped by a Monkey! Who can muffle the voice of Prince Hanuman when he speaks in the wind?